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About Drupal North

Drupal North

DRUPAL NORTH Regional Summit

August 10-12, 2018

Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Canada


What is Drupal?

It's the leading open source CMS for ambitious digital experiences, allowing developers to create unique online solutions.


Who attends Drupal North?

People who are interested in Drupal and what it can do for them, their careers and/or their businesses.

From students to CEOs, people from all Drupal knowledge levels and experiences attend. It provides an amazing opportunity to network, learn and experience the wonders of Drupal!


Why should you attend?

It’s a great way to see and learn in an immersive, inexpensive, non-judgemental environment.

All levels of developers, content creators and managers who understand and can work with Drupal are in high demand. Plus, training and attendance are heavily subsidized by our sponsors!


Where is it?

Rotating between Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, this year we’re back in Toronto at the Toronto Reference Library.


Why not? Join us!