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Newest Drupal Association Board-Member-at-Large, Suzanne Dergacheva, is Our Featured Speaker

Suzanne Dergacheva

We're pleased to announce that Suzanne Dergacheva will be the Saturday afternoon featured speaker at Drupal North this year. Suzanne is well known in the worldwide Drupal community, having attended and presented at DrupalCons and Drupal Camps throughout the world. She is both a co-founder of Evolving Web, a Drupal shop based in Montreal, and she is the most recent addition to the Drupal Association's board of directors.  

Suzanne brings interesting insights and perspective to our summit this year. The title of her speech is "It’s All About the Experience: What I’ve Learned from Talking to Thousands of People About Drupal." Here's a bit more about what she'll be talking about:

Use cases for Drupal are changing and so are the criteria for selecting a web development platform. This is a challenge for the community as well as individuals and companies that use Drupal. There is quite a bit to learn by looking at the Drupal experience from different perspectives and thinking about the personas of people who interact with Drupal and the user journeys they take.

I’ll talk about what we can learn from design thinking and user experience techniques, and what I’ve learned from talking to new Drupal users and teaching Drupal. I’ll also share my thoughts about how we can adapt our approach and mindset to make Drupal relevant to our clients, colleagues, and communities.


About the Speaker

Suzanne manages Drupal projects and provides technical guidance to the development team at Evolving Web, the Drupal shop she co-founded ten years ago in Montreal, Canada. She’s involved in all steps of the consulting process from meeting with clients and reviewing wireframes to selecting modules and doing code review.

Suzanne also provides in-depth Drupal training and has provided training for a wide range of clients including Georgia Tech, McGill University, Laval University, Princeton University Press, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and numerous government departments and digital agencies. She presents regularly at DrupalCons and Drupal Camps about front-end development and user experience.

Suzanne was recently elected as the newest Board-Member-at-Large for the Drupal Association