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Paragraphs, Blocks, and Fields, Oh My! Building a Robust Content Architecture in Drupal 8

Design & Front-end
Audience Experience Level
Drupal Intermediate

One of the most important steps of building out a site is deciding on a content architecture. There are many ways we can build out complex content types and relationships in Drupal 8 including paragraphs, blocks, and custom fields. 

In this talk, we’ll talk about various options you have for structuring content, and go through a series of examples and discuss which approach to use. We'll discuss the pros and cons of using Paragraphs, how to take advantage of custom block types, and when to create custom field types to organize your content. We'll also look at the Layout Builder and what it's role is in all of this.

This session is aimed at front-end developers and site builders and requires basic knowledge of Drupal site building. You'll come away from the talk with a better understanding of how to approach content type design for Drupal 8.