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Technical Architect: a career path for some developers

Business / Government / Education
Justine Lejeune
Audience Experience Level

As developers, we may come to a certain point in our career when we are asking ourselves what are the possibilities to grow in a company.

When working in an Agile environment every day, we realise that web development naturally divides in 2 things: the code and the people.

Businesses and teams are valued by developers who can deliver code and communicate to other humans (technical and non-technical).

If you are like me, and realise that you care and value people as much as you value the code that you are writing, if you want to add more value across your company, and if you want to help the others around you, you may want to hear about the Technical Architect role.

In this presentation, I will share the information I collected throughout my research about the Technical Architect role, the responsibilities, the core values, the soft skills... And I will try to give ourselves a better idea of the role and what it takes to grow in that direction when you are a developer.